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As a response to the unavailability of the Lucas RITA AB11 amplifier, we embarked upon a course of action to develop a replacement amplifier that would be capable of undertaking more advanced tasks than the AB11 RITA, be fully compatible with the RITA trigger system, and maintain the existing mounting arrangements of the AB11 .

Here is the result, the MOIRA.

MOIRA will serve single cylinder engines, parallel twins, V-twins, and 120 degree triples , according to it's internal setup configuration. As supplied, the MOIRA replicates the existing RITA advance curve , yet can be programmed to produce a modified curve if so required, and will handle 20,000 sparks per minute without reducing its accuracy, which is  greater than that of the AB11 RITA amplifier. MOIRA incorporates a shutoff facility that prevents coil damage , as it shuts down after six seconds without recieving a trigger pulse, but as it switches back on again with the next pulse that it detects, this feature presents no handicap to push-starting in racing situations.  The MOIRA has been especially designed with low cranking speed starting in mind, and will give a powerful spark down to below 60 rpm. All standard supplied units will be 12 volt, negative earth systems. The amplifier housing is a cast aluminium box of rugged design and pleasing appearance that has the same mounting arrangement as the AB11,and very similar space requirements.

Complete new MOIRA kits for all previous RITA applications will be available from Mistral Engineering of Chigwell, Essex, who had for many years been the manufacturers of the RITA ignition kits that used the AB5 and AB11 amplifiers.


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